How to Elope in Moab Utah | Canyonlands, Arches, Dead Horse Point Elopement Guide

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Moab Utah is the perfect place to elope!

The potential for adventure is unmatched in Moab! There are sandstone arches, cliff edges with expansive vistas, hikes, Jeep trails, rivers, slot canyons, and waterfalls. It’s no secret that I absolutely love Moab! For the couples that want to celebrate nature and adventure along with their vows, Moab is the place! Moab is a HUGE area with so many different landscapes and places to explore. Keep reading for all the details on planning an elopement in Moab!

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When should you elope in Moab?

I recommend eloping in Moab in the spring or fall, but the off season has it’s perks.

The first step in planning your Moab elopement is setting a date. Moab is awesome in the spring and fall. I normally recommend planning your elopement in March, April, May, September, October, or November. Spring does run a small risk of rainfall, but it’s so amazing to watch all the flowers blooming during this season. More than anything, I would recommend avoiding summer at all costs. Not only is it 100 degrees in the summer, but it is also busy with lots and lots of tourists.

A special note about the off season, which is November through February: The weather can be cold and there is a chance of snow, but the off season in Moab is pretty awesome. It is so much less crowded! Traffic is a breeze. Some of the stores and restaurants are closed, but most are still open. It’s one of the only times to truly feel like you have Moab to yourself.

Here are some average monthly temps (high/low) in Moab to help you plan your date, with my favorite months in bold:

January 44°/22°
February 52°/26°
March 64°/35°
April 73°/42°
May 83°/50°
June 95°/58°
July 100°/65°
August 97°/64°
September 88°/54°
October 74°/41°
November 58°/30°
December 45°/22°

I recommend eloping on a weekday

It’s not wrong to elope on a weekend, especially if it’s the only time you have availability, but I definitely recommend eloping on a weekday. There are a lot less people around, the traffic is better, you’ll find better accommodations, and the A-list vendors will have more availability. Overall, I truly believe weekdays will make your experience with your significant other that much more special. Here is a blog post with more info: Why You Should Elope on a Weekday. Mondays and Fridays are becoming more busy as people catch on to this trend, so Tuesday through Thursday is where it’s at!

Sunrise or sunset?

If you really want to have Moab all to yourselves, then I recommend incorporating sunrise into your day. Imagine hiking to an overlook in the dark and seeing it for the first time with your significant other as the sun rises. It’s a magical experience! I love helping my couples brainstorm about timelines for their elopement day. But having said that, I know some spots in Moab that are fairly secluded at sunset as well, and just as beautiful!

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Deciding on a ceremony location for your Moab elopement

Once you’ve decided on a date, then comes choosing the ceremony location! This can be overwhelming because Moab is full of stunning and epic ceremony locations. It is home to two national parks, Canyonlands and Arches, as well as a stunning state park, Dead Horse Point. There are also lots of spots outside of these parks that are amazing!

Here are a few of my favorite ceremony spots:

Dead Horse Point Stake Park 
Arches National Park – Sand Dune Arch and The Windows
Canyonlands National Park – Grand View Vista or Green River Overlook
Corona Arch
Castle Valley

I help all of my couples decide on ceremony locations, based on a lot of different criteria. Typically we make decisions based on the number of guests (if any), mobility issues, whether or not a bathroom needs to be nearby, parking, distance from town, pet friendly, whether you want to Jeep to the location, how far you’d like to hike (or not hike) etc. I’m also happy to combine a ceremony location with another epic location so we can have plenty of time to adventure and explore everything Moab has to offer.

Almost all ceremony locations in Moab require permits, so once we decide on a location, I will walk my couples through the permit process to secure the location and date for their ceremony.

Where to stay in Moab

My favorite place in all of Moab is Under Canvas, which has super cool glamping tents. It’s also on the north end of town, so you don’t have to deal with a bunch of traffic in town. There are plenty of hotels, AirBNBs, and even yurts that you can stay in!



Ideas for what to do on your elopement day in Moab

If you are eloping in Moab, then we have to make an adventure out of it!

Activities I recommend:
Jeep rental
Canyoneering tours
Rafting/tubing down the river
Sunset at Dead Horse Point

Day Trips I recommend:
Zion National Park – 5 hour drive
Bryce Canyon – 4 1/2 hour drive
Goblin Valley – 1 1/2 hour drive
Monument Valley – 2 1/2 hour drive
Capitol Reef National Park – 2 hr 20 min drive

Check out my blog post, 100 things to do on your elopement day, for more ideas! And be on the lookout for my new blog post on things to do in Utah, coming soon!

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Vendors I recommend for your Moab Elopement

Some of the best wedding vendors in the country serve Moab.

Florists – The Potted Pansy, Tellurian Events , Manna Floral Design
Hair and Makeup – Leslie Lind, Maggie’s Hair and Bridal
Officiant – Anita Gordon

Most vendors travel from Grand Junction, CO and Salt Lake City, UT for elopements and Weddings in Moab.



How to get to Moab

Moab can be difficult to get to, but it’s worth it! It often requires a flight and a long drive, but the drive is stunning.

Closest Major Airports:

Salt Lake City – 3 hours 45 minutes away
Denver – 6 hours away
Albuquerque – 6 hours away
Las Vegas – 8 hours away

How to elope in Moab and make your marriage official

Utah has no waiting period, so you can pick up your marriage license and get married the same day! Utah marriage licenses do require two witnesses and an officiant to sign. If you are not having witnesses, then we can find some random hikers or tourists to witness and sign (I have definitely done this before!). Some of my couples choose to do the legalities before or after their elopement so they don’t have to worry about this part, especially if they want to have a ceremony with only the two of them.

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Check back soon for my blog post, 5 reasons why you should elope in Moab!

If you are interested in eloping in Moab, then make sure to check out my travel schedule and contact me for more info! I am frequently traveling around Utah, so I’d love to connect and help plan your Moab elopement!

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