Why You Should Elope on a Weekday

Are you in the beginning stages of planning your elopement? Let me share with you the several reasons why you should consider a weekday elopement. I help couples plan elopements all over Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and California, and I’d like to convince you why eloping on a weekday can be super special and less stressful!

Leadville Colorado elopement with dogs


One obvious reason: less people

So you’ve decided you want to elope in a beautiful place in a national park or a mountain top, but guess what? Beautiful places are often super popular on weekends. If you want to have a place all to yourself (or at least minimize the number of strangers who may be around to see your vows), then I definitely recommend eloping on a weekday. We are so lucky to have so much public land to hold elopements, but public land is open to the public!

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One of my favorite reasons: less traffic

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want to get stuck in traffic heading to dinner after your elopement. Or get stuck in line trying to enter a National Park. Or get stuck on I-70 heading into the mountains with everyone from Denver having the same idea. Weekdays have less traffic, which means less stress, and isn’t that the goal with elopements?

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Your favorite vendors will have more availability

My Saturdays are sometimes booked over a year in advance, and the same goes for your favorite florist and makeup artist. But a Tuesday? Heck yes we’re available! You can have your vendor dream team by getting married on a weekday. Nothing but the best vendors for you!

breckenridge colorado hiking elopement

Cute AirBNB’s and swanky hotels will have more availability

Just like vendor availability, all the good AirBNB’s and hotels get snatched up way in advance. By eloping on a weekday, you can stay in that sweet mountain cabin in Colorado or that super cool tiny house in Joshua Tree. It may even be cheaper during the week than on a weekday!

colorado elopement in aspen trees


You’ll have an excuse to take a few days off work

Less work and more vacation days! That’s my life’s motto. Make it a mini vacation or take a whole week off and travel before and after your elopement! Go road tripping, visit a bunch of National Parks, rent a camper van, go hiking! Create an epic adventure!

breckenridge colorado hiking elopement

What happens if you can’t elope on a weekday?

If you can’t elope on a weekday, that’s ok. I still plan plenty of weekend elopements and we make it work! It’s just important to plan ahead, consider traffic, book your vendors in advance, and brainstorm places that will give you the seclusion and stress-free elopement experience of your dreams!

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