100 Things to Do on Your Elopement Day

Wondering what to do during the day of your elopement? Here is a giant list of all kinds of fun things! Whether you’re getting married in the desert, on a mountain top, on a beach, a foreign country, or wherever. You can start brainstorming!

  1. Get your hair and makeup done
  2. Jump on the bed 
  3. Get ready together
  4. Go on a helicopter ride
  5. Hike up a mountain
  6. Snuggle your dog
  7. Rent a pack Llama
  8. Order room service
  9. Have a personal chef cook you dinner
  10. Dance in the rain
  11. Do your first look on the edge of a cliff
  12. Ride horses
  13. Rent Razr’s and go offroading
  14. Pop some champagne
  15. Go bar hopping
  16. Run through a meadow
  17. Jump into the ocean
  18. Eat donuts
  19. Toast marshmallows over a campfire
  20. Have your first dance in the middle of nowhere
  21. Have a picnic
  22. Cuddle up under a blanket
  23. Rent a cute Airbnb
  24. Skip down the street
  25. Play with smoke bombs
  26. Go miniature golfing
  27. Drive a Jeep up a crazy mountain road
  28. Go kayaking
  29. Cut some cake
  30. Rock out to 80s music
  31. Hike in the dark with headlamps
  32. Get ready in a bell tent
  33. Gaze up at the stars
  34. Dance behind a waterfall
  35. Dip your toes in an alpine lake
  36. Wear hiking boots
  37. Get your dress dirty
  38. Slow dance on a mountain top
  39. Get tattoos
  40. Have your cat be the ring bearer
  41. Read your vows privately
  42. Try not to cry
  43. Go some place you have never been before
  44. Go skydiving
  45. Celebrate with friends and family
  46. Or celebrate just the two of you
  47. Eat pizza
  48. Eat In N Out
  49. Smash cake in each others’ faces
  50. Stay in an airstream
  51. Stay in a tent
  52. Explore a different country
  53. Stop at a cute coffee shop
  54. Sing your favorite song together
  55. Go to a brewery
  56. Twirl
  57. Eat cupcakes
  58. Drink some local craft beer
  59. Get your hair messy
  60. Watch wildlife
  61. Make out in public
  62. Jump across a river
  63. Go fly fishing
  64. Burn some sage
  65. Eat tacos and drink margaritas
  66. Write a love song
  67. Drink a signature cocktail
  68. Take Polaroid photos
  69. Go stand up paddle boarding
  70. Go snow shoeing
  71. Stay in a yurt
  72. Stargaze
  73. Visit a winery
  74. Go to a zoo
  75. Sail on a boat
  76. Soak in a hot spring
  77. Get a massage
  78. Get a hot shave
  79. Learn how to say “I love you” in the local language
  80. Dance to a mariachi band
  81. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  82. Feed each other desert
  83. Go surfing
  84. Experience the local culture
  85. Disconnect from TV and technology
  86. Go glamping
  87. Go zip lining
  88. Stop and smell the wildflowers
  89. Reminisce about how you first met
  90. Sleep in
  91. Visit an alpaca farm
  92. Go rafting down a river
  93. Visit a national park
  94. Drive up and over a high altitude mountain pass
  95. Go on a gondola ride
  96. Laugh until your sides hurt
  97. Hold hands
  98. Sing karaoke
  99. Make each other breakfast
  100. Three words: goat happy hour

Make sure to comment below with some of your suggestions! I’d love to hear what other fun and unique ideas you guys have for things to do on your elopement day. And check out my elopement guide for even more info about eloping!

  1. Seriously such a fun list ! I will definitely be using this for ideas for future clients! Thank you!

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