In the past, an elopement involved running away in secret to get married. But that is not the case these days. Today, elopements are intentional, authentic, and meaningful celebrations that involve exchanging vows in epic locations. Elopements are a wedding day where you can celebrate both your love for one another as well as the […]

A bride and groom kiss on a mountain top after their hiking elopement

An elopement video is a precious keepsake that allows you and your partner to relive the most memorable moments of your wedding day year after year. It’s also a special way you and your partner can share your elopement day with the ones you love. Whether you choose to elope in the snowy mountains of […]

A couple poses for wedding portraits in Taos, New Mexixco.

Nestled in the valley of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains range lies a town rich in culture and hospitality. People gather in Taos from all over the world to enjoy its natural and historic beauty. Endless activities, accommodations, and ceremony locations add to the town’s southwestern allure, making it one of the most epic and […]

A newly married couple stands hand in hand in New Mexico after their elopement

New Mexico — The hidden gem of the Southwestern United States. Rich in culture and adventure, you and your partner can celebrate your love with a skiing elopement in Winter or a Late Summer Sunset elopement at White Sands. The state’s diverse landscape is unlike any other. With warm temperatures throughout the San Juan Basin […]

A bride and groom kiss during their elopement in Colorado

Colorado’s diverse landscape is home to some of the most beautiful towns in the Mountain West. Forests, mountains, meadows, rivers, waterfalls, and ski slopes surround these towns and offer couples a chance to escape, unplug and experience an elopement unlike any other. After years of exploring, photographing, and spending time with adventurous couples, here’s my […]

A couple stands in front of Skógafoss as they elope in Iceland

Picture this: You and the love of your life are standing at the edge of a magnificent waterfall. The sun shines across your face and illuminates the mist of the falls, revealing a radiant rainbow. Plush fields of grass nearby ripple with the breeze, and the gust kisses your skin. You face your partner, grab […]

A couple stands beneath a red rock arch while they elope in moab.

I always know I’m in for an epic adventure when one of my couples chooses to elope in Moab. I’ve fallen in love with Moab for so many reasons over the last few years. From its’ small-town charm and fantastical folklore to the ornately carved red rock structures that lie just outside the city limits. […]

Arches National Park Elopement

MK and Ben are teachers that decided to elope in Moab at Arches National Park. They waited until summer break, so we made sure to do most of our adventuring in Moab in the morning before it got too hot. And then we ended at sunset, exploring Dead Horse State Park and eating cake on […]