How To Make The Most Out Of Your Elopement Video

A wife rests her head on her husband's shoulder after their elopement in Hawaii

An elopement video is a precious keepsake that allows you and your partner to relive the most memorable moments of your wedding day year after year. It’s also a special way you and your partner can share your elopement day with the ones you love. Whether you choose to elope in the snowy mountains of Colorado or on a dreamy beach in Iceland, you want to ensure you make the most out of your elopement video and experience. Here are a few ways you can ensure your investment into the filming of the celebration of your love story is worthwhile!

Choose The Right Videographer 

Making the most out of your elopement video starts with hiring the right videographer. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an elopement videographer. 

An elopement videographer is seen with a bride and groom at an adventure elopement ceremony

01. Choose The Videographer With The Right Vibe

This is the first and most important factor. You want someone who adds to and enhances your elopement experience! When you meet with a videographer for a consultation, evaluating whether the videographer matches your and your partner’s style is important. Ask yourself the following questions after meeting with your potential videographer:

    • How does this videographer’s personality mesh with my partner and I’s personalities?
    • Does this videographer share similar values and passions?
    • Will this videographer respect my unique love story, and do they want to capture it authentically?

02. Choose The Videographer With The Right Experience

It’s also important to consider whether the videographer specializes in elopements and knows how to capture them, and not just weddings. Documenting weddings and elopements are two very different things. Filming elopements requires extensive knowledge of outdoor locations and outdoor tech equipment. Elopement videographers also have access to industry knowledge and skills like:

    • Which filming permits are required in National Parks
    • Drone Laws
    • Leave No Trace Guidelines
    • Alternative filming locations & more!

03. Choose The Videographer With The Right Video Package For You

The next factor to consider when choosing the right videographer is selecting the one with the right video package for you and your partner. You may be asking yourself, “How do I know which video package is right for my elopement?” To answer that question, it’s important you consider the two key components of a great video package; the number of filming hours included and what’s delivered with the final product.

Number Of Hours

If you select a package with too few hours, you and your partner may feel rushed! The day will feel less like an elopement and more like a video shoot. It’s important to allow enough time for organic moments and downtime. You want your videographer to be able to capture all the small and intimate details of the day that often are the most special. The right video package for you and your partner will include plenty of time for the big and small moments of your elopement experience.

Final Product

A highlight film (typically 3-5 minutes) is the most popular type of elopement film and a package we offer! It includes all of the most important moments of you and your partner’s special day, like the first look, ceremony, and champagne toast. Along with a highlight film, here are a few other important deliverables you may want to consider to be adding to your videography package:

    • A short elopement video trailer for social media
    • A video album easily shared with parents and grandparents
    • Raw footage of the entire elopement day

Highlight Film Example

Highlight Film Without Vows Example

Teaser Film Example

Write And Recite The Perfect Vows

Every elopement film starts with a great love story, and your vows are the cornerstone of telling that awesome love story! Here are a few tips on how to write and recite the perfect wedding vows. 

01. Start Writing Your Vows Early

A few months before your ceremony, take some time to sit down, write and make your vows perfect! It will take longer than you think, so starting sooner is better! One of our favorite vow-writing rituals we like to suggest to couples is a vow-writing date night. Schedule a fun evening at home or a Saturday-morning coffee shop outing, and write your vows together. Discuss the general structure of your vows, how long your vows will be, and if you both want to include similar statements within your vows.

A bride writes vows before an elopement

A groom writes vows before an elopement

02. How To Write And Structure Your Vows

Vows are typically 5-10 minutes in length. While there is no perfect formula for vows, here is a list of our favorite things couples usually include:

    • Authenticity. Use your own tone and language. Find a balance of seriousness and humor, but be yourself
    • Promises. Include statements like “I vow…” or “I promise…”
    • Memories. Include shared memories, meaningful quotes, or mutual experiences
    • Love-Filled Moments. Include a defining moment in your relationship, the moment you knew your partner was the one, and what you love so much about your partner.
    • Hopes and Dreams. What your future looks like together after marriage

A woman in a wedding dress sits in a meadow before her elopement and writes in a vow book A man sits on a tree log in a meadow while writing vows before his wedding

03. Practice Saying Your Vows Out Loud

Practicing your vows out loud will help with the editing process and ensure the vows you’ve written feel authentic to your voice! You’ll also feel more confident and less nervous when saying your vows on your elopement day because you’ve rehearsed them a few times.

A groom cries during a vow ceremony A bride holds a vow book and recites vows to her partner

04. Reciting Your Vows On Your Elopement Day

Take a deep breath and soak up the big moment before jumping into your vows! Being nervous is perfectly normal, so slow down and take your time. There’s no need to rush. Don’t forget to look up at your partner occasionally when reciting your vows. It will help you stay calm and engaged during this special time of the ceremony.

One of the best things about eloping is the privacy it provides for moments like your vow ceremony. Imagine just you, your partner, and a beautiful view during your vows! Great elopement videographers know how to give you and your partner space during your ceremony without missing any beautiful audio or intimate shots that make elopement videos so memorable.

Brynn and Chases’ Intimate Adventure Wedding Film

Throw An Elopement Video Watch Party

The time has finally come! After a few months of waiting, your elopement video finally gets delivered! We recommend making it a celebration and watching it together as newlyweds by scheduling a date night at home alone! Make a cocktail or open a bottle of champagne, grab some delicious snacks, turn the lights down, and get cozy.

When you’re ready to share your elopement video with your family, consider planning a special event to premiere your elopement video! Invite all the family and friends that weren’t at your elopement and throw a holiday party, rent out a movie theater or set up an inflatable movie screen in your backyard for a nighttime Summer showing. The possibilities are endless!

Ardana’s Luxury Desert Elopement Film

Prioritize Watching Your Elopement Video Year After Year

Make it a priority to watch your elopement wedding film year after year. It will bring back all of the wonderful memories and feelings of your special day together. Once you receive your elopement video, save it to places you will remember to watch it. This can be places like your phone, computer, tablet, or desktop. You can save it on a video album and have it on your coffee table!

A fun tradition I love that couples do is watch their elopement video on their anniversary every year. You and your partner can cook a special dinner and have a cozy night at home while reminiscing about your adventure elopement together.

Desiree and Jackson’s Grand Teton Intimate Wedding Film

Excited To Hire Us As Your Elopement Videographer?

If you’re ready to invest in an elopement wedding video that will allow you to relive your wedding day and vows any time you want, we’re an elopement filmmaker and elopement photographer duo that’s ready to meet you at your dream ceremony location anywhere in the world! You can check out our videography and photography packages on our pricing page and inquire about your perfect day through our contact form! Documenting your day in a way that’s authentic to your love story is our passion, and we can’t wait to create a forever keepsake for you and your partner!

An elopement videographer captures a couple embracing during their elopement

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