What to Wear to Your Adventure Session

My clients ask me all the time what they should wear to their adventure session. Some things may be session specific, but overall I recommend two outfits, a pair of hiking boots to change into, and layers. The more prepared, the better! Let me go into more detail for you guys.

Casual Outfits

I always recommend to my couples that they wear two outfits during an adventure session. One of the outfits should be casual, and ideally involve pants and a good pair of shoes with traction. Why? Because this is the outfit where we can really run and play around in. We can get lots of fun action shots.

The casual outfit doesn’t necessarily have to involve boots and jeans, but the key here is to be able to move around and have fun in this outfit without hurting ourselves or having a wardrobe malfunction.

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Dressy Outfits

I love love love good suits and pretty dresses! A lot of my couples bring these outfits along and change into them on location. These are outfits that we can still have fun in, but they are definitely meant to be more dramatic. Ladies, think of your hair and dress blowing in the wind. Guys, think of a GQ magazine cover. This is when you really get to be dressed up and looking your absolute best.


Shoes are so incredibly important, and they will make or break your session. If we are hiking to our location, even a short distance, then I recommend hiking boots to get us there and back. Once we’re at the location, please keep in mind that we will be on some uneven terrain, and maybe sand or grass. For the ladies, I recommend booties or dress shoes with thick heels so you can stabilize yourself. And there is nothing wrong with wearing a good pair of flats! Guys, dress shoes are notorious for being slippery, so make sure you wear shoes that are either broken in or have actual tread on the bottom.


Nature is unpredictable, you guys! Mountain tops and deserts are notorious for having quick changes in weather! I recently did an adventure session in Joshua Tree where it snowed! Thank goodness the bride had a jacket to throw on, because she would have frozen. So the key is to be prepared for anything, and to embrace whatever crazy weather we run into. It’s fun to have layers to play with during our session. And if you don’t want to wear a jacket during the actual photos, then we can at least warm you up in between shots.

What About a White Dress?

Yes!! Wear a white dress to your adventure session! I don’t care if it’s your engagement, anniversary, or just because. Your eye is naturally drawn to the lightest part of a photo, so if you’re wearing white, then you’ll pop!

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Hopefully this info helps! Whether you are doing an engagement session, anniversary session, or day after session, this info should help you plan and be the most prepared for your adventure session photos!

What is an Adventure Session?

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