What is an Adventure Session?

Adventure sessions are my favorite things ever, so let me explain what they are! An adventure session can be an engagement session, anniversary session, day after your wedding session, or “just because” you’re traveling to a cool place and want your photos taken. They can involve hiking, off roading, or just showing up and looking pretty. They are as crazy or as simple as you want them to be. It’s like Sears Portrait Studio had a baby with an amusement park.

I’m passionate about making adventures accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be an avid hiker to have an amazing adventure. The adventure aspect could be as simple as waking up at 4am to watch the sunrise over a cliff edge. Or going some place you’ve never been before. Or maybe you do want to try some crazy hike now that you have someone (me) to guide you. The point is to have an amazing time, get out of your comfort zone a bit, and experience something new with the love of your life.

Joshua Tree engagement


As you can imagine, there are millions of locations out there for adventure sessions. You may have a location in mind, but lots of couples have a hard time deciding. If you are stuck, I’m here to help! Normally I recommend going to a location neither of you have been before, so it can be a brand new experience that you have together.

If you are stuck, I have tons of location ideas in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and California. You can check out my Instagram @hazelandlacephoto and see what images you are drawn to, and we can go from there. My recommendations are also based on whether you want to go hiking, off roading, and the time of day.


I do tons of adventure sessions, and have found that some couples want to hike a lot, and some don’t want to hike at all. It’s totally up to you! Some of my favorite locations are a short walk from a parking lot, and others are a mile or two.

If you are nervous about hiking, don’t worry! I am not the world’s best hiker. I still struggle with elevation even though I hike all the time. I always like to go slow on hikes, so you’re in good company!

Off Roading

Some of my favorite locations are down crazy dirt roads that only 4×4 vehicles can go. My husband and I have a giant truck that handles these perfectly, but I’ve also had couples take their own Jeeps or rent Razr’s to get to certain locations. This always ends up being a fun time, and if you are interested in doing this, then I definitely have locations to recommend to you! Especially in Moab, Page, and Sedona.

abbey kevin grand canyon engagement session arizona wedding hazel and lace photography

This overlook is technically the Grand Canyon, but required driving down 60 miles of dirt road in the middle of Arizona. Talk about an adventure!

Helicopter Rides

I’m throwing this in here because I’ve never done a helicopter ride, but I drive past the one outside Zion National Park all the time and I am dying to incorporate it into an adventure session. Who’s down!?

Sunrise, Sunset, or Both!?

If you haven’t considered doing a sunrise adventure session, now is the time to think about it because they are awesome! Arriving at a location in the dark and watching the light change as the sun rises is a surreal experience. Sunset is also gorgeous, so lately I’ve been taking couples to two different locations, one at sunrise and one at sunset, so they can get even more amazing experiences and photos to share.

The Best Part About Adventure Sessions…

I strongly feel that relationships thrive when both partners are experiencing new things with each other. That’s why adventure sessions are so amazing. Not only are you getting epic photos, which will help tell your love story for generations, but you’re getting out of your comfort zone and building trust within your relationship. I experience this myself when my husband and I explore and go to new places, and I see it with my couples as well. It goes way deeper than just getting photos in gorgeous locations.

Ready to book your adventure session in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, or California!? Check out my travel schedule to see where I’ll be, and then get in contact!

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