10 Reasons Why You Should Elope in Ouray Colorado

ouray colorado elopement photography

Are you considering a Colorado elopement? There are millions of spots in Colorado to elope, but let me convince you why a Ouray elopement is the way to go!

Reason #1 It’s the “Switzerland of America”

Ouray is located in the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado, and is nicknamed the Switzlerand of America because of the dramatic mountain views surrounding the town. As far as ceremony locations, there are tons to choose from because it’s beautiful basically everywhere you look.

Reason #2 It’s less crowded

Everyone is eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park or within an hour or two of Denver. Ouray is harder to get to, and therefore less crowded and more unique!

Reason #3 The town is super laid back

Walking around downtown Ouray makes you feel at home. It isn’t pretentious or snobby. It’s laid back, has some quirky gift shops, great restaurants. It’s a place you can truly feel at home.

Reason #4 Day trips to Telluride and Silverton are easy and awesome

A couple of my other favorite mountain towns are close by! Silverton is an old mining community that still keeps it’s old world charm. And Telluride is gorgeous and has a lot of high end stores and restaurants.

Reason #5 It’s the Jeep capital of the world

If you enjoy driving up crazy mountain passes and dirt roads, then Ouray is for you! There are countless places to drive your 4×4 vehicle, my favorite being Yankee Boy Basin.

Reason #6 Hiking is awesome

There are tons of hikes all over the San Juans for every skill level. There’s a great perimeter hike that is six miles around the town itself. If you venture around, you’ll find hiking trails that lead to waterfalls, mountain passes, abandoned mines, etc.

Reasons #7 There’s tons of waterfalls

There’s a giant waterfall right in the middle of town, just blocks away from the main street. It’s gorgeous! You’ll find other waterfalls in Telluride, Yankee Boy Basin, and along various hikes. They’re everywhere!

Reason #8 There’s hot springs everywhere

What is more relaxing and romantic than soaking in a hot spring? There are a ton to choose from all over Ouray. You can even stay in multiple hotels that have their very own hotsprings. There’s a giant one in the center of town that’s family friendly, and then there’s even more adult hot springs that are clothing optional right outside town, like the Orvis Hotsprings.

Reason #9 Great local breweries

My husband and I love a good brewery, and there’s four to choose from in Ouray, all within blocks of each other. You can sit on the rooftop and enjoy the views at Ouray Brewery. Red Mountain Brewery has a great patio and awesome food menu. You can get good pizza and a beer at Colorado Boy Brewery. And then if you want to hit up a funky spot, there’s Mr Grump Pants Brewery, which is right next door to our favorite burger spot, Maggie’s Kitchen.

Reason #10 There’s cool old victorian hotels and homes to stay in

Ouray has an old Victorian vibe, and there’s lots of hotels and AirBNBs where you can stay that encompass that. You can definitely find a unique spot while you stay in Ouray for your elopement.

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